Bubina (the compulsory ‘about me’ section)

I’m a 24-year old girl living with my fiancé in sunny Malta.  I try real hard to be vegan, and figured that if I could come up with some non-salad recipes, it would be easier.  This blog is my collection of recipes that I’ve come up with.  Well, I have to do something when insomnia’s preventing me from sleeping!!

I like music, art, photography, computer games, vector illustration, web design, and geology (woohoo it’s a rock!).  Regarding food, I’m not extremely fussy, but I do love mediterranean, indian, chinese, japanese and thai.  I love baking muffins, cupcakes and other sweets way too much for my liking!!

If you’d like to e-mail me, go ahead!  alison AT bubina DOT com :)